Our pricing for localization

WPer word - Various projects can be charged on a per word basis. While this does not work for full localization projects, a per word basis can be negotiated for translation / copywrite projects as well as creative writing.

Depending on project, complexity and research effort, per word rates for translations start from 0.04 ct.

HHourly - Our regular work is charged per hour.

Depending on project, hourly rates start from 39.00 $. We offer professional time tracking which includes screenshots as proof of work and precise tracking of complete work time.

PPer Project - After all details are discussed, a full payment per project can be negotiated. This can be seperated in milestones or as one full payment for a single project.

Projects can be charged through Upwork >or other payment methods, while unsecure methods come with a 5% pre payment.

MMilestones - We offer to divide the whole project into milestones so our clients have a precise overview about the recent development and work.
This also allows us and the client to keep everything under full control. From results to budget.

Each project with a higher value than $ 250 can be devided into milestones.