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What we do and why we do it

German is a spkummerspeckecial language. And - this might surprise you or not - German people and the German culture is special as well. What this means for you, your products and your service is the fact, that in order to be succesful on the German market, your services and products need to be adapted to the market, not just translated.

While the term "Grief bacon" might sound weird to you, it's literal translation in German is used to describe weight gained as the result of emotional overheating - Kummerspeck. Does your translator for a weight losing product or service know this? We don't know. What we know is the fact, that a translation can never be literal and a service should never be transfered to a foreign culture without taking care of it's unique peculiarities. When we surf the web it's easy to tell if a company put some effort in entering the German market or not.

Localization Advantages

Localization Process

bubblesLocalization is a process, that doesn't only includes translation, but everything that is needed to achieve a high performance on the German market. High conversion rates, professional copy writing and optimization of all content to meet the target audiences expectations are critical to your website and service.


Website Localization

If you want to be present on the German market, you need a German website. If you already have on - good. If you don't, even better.

Before you hire a translator, let us analyze your Site, your offers and services and find out, how it is presented best in order to perform best on the German market. That's what localization is supposed to do. Of course we also optimize existing translations, but most of the time the effort will be even higher because we have to take a look at the original website as well as the translated one and bring both parts together for a perfect result.

Product Localization

If you are selling products on the German market, optimizing marketing materials, manuals, packaging design and marketing material as well as professional editorial texts, affiliate works and social media optimization is important in order to be succesful. Without knowing the customer's habits and expectiations, a product will never perform as good as expected.

Social Media Localization

Social media posts, creative ideas, mimes and posts that have the potential to go viral will pay off in the end. It is very important that you put the same effort in German social media marketing than in your native social media marketing. We offer a service, that helps you to optimize all your social media content and we also help you to achieve a high consistency and a permanent communication with your German customers.